AZX Sport is a $20,000,000/year company with a team of over 85 production and customer service staff. We have 3 North American locations to serve you, in New York, California and Canada. We produce all of our items domestically, but we also have overseas factories to complement our domestic production. We have been in business for over 20 years, with a reputation for quality and customer service. Winners of several industry awards, we have a strong commitment to Product Responsibility and Ethical Conduct.

5 Star supplier. Year in year out we work hard to earn our 5 Star rating. Trust your order with AZX and rest easy knowing it will arrive as ordered, on time, the first time.

Safety. AZX produces its own goods, and complies with all regulations, including CPSIA, and PROP 65. Work with AZX, and rest easy knowing that you are compliant.


Communication.No one communicates like AZX. We take the time to keep you informed with accurate information throughout the entire order process. We return all calls and emails within 30 minutes. We fax and email an ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT within 30 minutes of your PO. We provide tracking numbers, packing slips, and your invoice within 30 minutes of shipping!

Dual Production Capability. AZX has domestic production, and its own overseas factory. We produce 30,000 units a day domestically, and can produce as much as you require overseas. Since we own the factory, we can beat your overseas pricing. Are you sure your overseas vendor will comply with PROP 65, and who has the liability if your overseas vendor uses lead paint? There are daily factory closings in China, are you sure your overseas vendor will be in business after you've sent your deposit? Place your order with AZX and rest easy knowing you are taken care of by a 5 Star supplier.

Price Guarantee. If you see it in our catalog -that's the price. If you see it on our web- that's the price. If you see it on ESP/Sage/Promocan, that's the price. Unlike other vendors, we don't negotiate pricing after you've quoted your client. AZX honors published pricing so you don't have to phone to confirm pricing, and we guarantee the pricing throughout the year.

Dedicated Account Executive. At AZX you have a dedicated account executive who knows and understands your business and handles your account with the authority to make quick decisions on the spot.

On Time. At AZX, we understand how important your customer's in-hand date is, and we achieved our 5 Star rating by producing quality goods- on time.


Over two Decades. AZX will be there when you need us.

Problem Solving. You need to work with companies who understand how to partner, think outside the box, and provide solutions to get the deal done. AZX understands the importance of flexibility and imagination, to help provide solutions.

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